Gravity thou art a heartless bitch

I’m so in love with Olivia Godfrey! Can’t wait to see her back on Hemlock Grove’s second season on July, 11!

Welcome To Night Vale Fanmix <Foo Fighters – Down In The Park> <RadioHead – Piramid Song><Massive Attack – Saturday Come Slow><Greg Laswell – Come Undone><NIN – Lights in the Sky>

Welcome To Night Vale Fanmix <Foo FightersDown In The Park> <RadioHeadPiramid Song><Massive AttackSaturday Come Slow><Greg LaswellCome Undone><NINLights in the Sky>


Jason Jones talks to a Russian woman protesting against Russia’s anti-gay laws.

I hate to tell you, guys, who honestly liked and reposted this, it’s just a fraud. Look at the woman’s badge, it says : Freedom to the prisoners of 6. May, which means she protests against arests of political oppositioners and it has nothing to do with the anti-gay propaganda law (it didn’t even exsisted at the time). This is just a joke from some Comedy channel if the quote from “Angel” didn’t give you a hint. ;) Although I do appreciate the sentiment I just don’t like to be desinformated. 

True Detective Fanmix :
Tim Curry – Sloe Gin
Johnny Cash – God’s Gonna Cut You Down
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Sacrilege
Tom Waits – Green Grass

True Detective Fanmix <Nine Inch NailsThe Great Destroyer > <KoRn ft. SkrillexWay Too Far> <Steven WilsonHarmony Korine> <Alt-J (∆)Tessalate> <RadioheadPyramid Song>

Hannibal Season 2 Fanmix *Eisbrecher – Amok * Apocaliptica feat. Nina Hagen (Rammstein cover) – Seemann *Nine Inch Nails – Only * Korn – Kiss *Red – Nothing and Everything

Hanibal Fanmix
Kylie Minogue – Confide In Me * Blue Stahli – Corner * Pain – Play Dead (Bjork Cover) * Eisbrecher - Alkohol * t.a.T.U. - Gomenasai

Hannibal TV Will Graham Fanmix <EelsI Need Some Sleep (Ripto’s Dubstep Remix)> <MogwaiHungry Face> <FlyleafSomething I Can Never Have (Nine Inch Nails Cover)> <Karen O And The KidsLost Fur>

Helix Fanmix <Blue StahliMetamorphosis (Lifetheory Remix)> <Nine Inch NailsWe’re In This Together>  <Great NorthernNumbers> <FinkPerfect Darkness>